European Union Projects

On 13 December, 2010, the Latvian Authorised Automobile Dealers Association signed an agreement with the State Agency "Latvian Investment and Development Agency" in relation to the project "Improvement of qualification of Latvian Authorised Automobile Dealers Association’s member staff", which is co-financed by the European Union Social Fund.

The Latvian Authorised Automobile Dealers Association continues the implementation of the project "Improvement of qualification of Latvian Authorised Automobile Dealers Association’s member staff" in accordance with Agreement No. L-APA-10-0023 with the State Agency “Investment and Development Agency of Latvia” dated 13 December, 2010.

17.05.2012 - LAADA receives the first payment for project implementation.

15.06.2012 - The second phase of the LAADA project, submitting the report to IDAL.

04.10.2012 - LAADA receives payment for the project activities implemented. So far, more than 460 employees are trained in the project.

03.01.2013 - LAADA receives the third payment within the framework of the project and, so far, more than 790 employees are trained.

03.04.2013 – Project partners of the Automotive Association already receive the fourth payment within the framework of the project and, so far, more than 1000 employees are trained.

03.07.2013 – The Automotive Association submits a request for the fifth payment in relation to training carried out by the project partner in the 1st quarter of 2013.

09.09.2013 – Up to the 1st quarter of 2013, 643 people are involved in the project.

05.12.2013 – The Automotive Association receives the fifth payment for training carried out by the project partners in the 1st quarter of 2013. About 800 people are trained so far.

05.03.2014 - The Automotive Association acquires approval from the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia to extend the term of project implementation until 01.06.2015 and to be granted additional resources.